The Dynasty Foundation's Mission and Strategic Goals

Dmitry Zimin and the Zimin family founded the Dynasty Foundation, a non-profit social investment foundation, in order to realize their ideas about the role of the intellect and science in society. They believe that

  • talented young people engaged in scientific research are capable of changing the world for the better;
  • fostering talented people, their ideas, and projects in the natural and social sciences is one of the paramount tasks both in Russia and the rest of the world.

What We Do

  • Seek out and support talented people, create opportunities for them to realize themselves professionally and socially, and support fair competition based on human talent;
  • Develop science education for gifted children and high school students;
  • Popularize science, foster interest in and respect for science, and enlarge its role in society.

What Kinds of Science Do We Support?

  • Sciences that study the organic and inorganic worlds, sciences that predict how our environment behaves: physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology;
  • Sciences that study human beings in their social environment, sciences that predict how society behaves: sociology, philosophy, political science, economics.

Our efforts are directed towards improving:

  • society's capacity for harmonious development;
  • society's ability to solve the large-scale problems that it faces now and in the future.

We have no expectation that the benefits of our investments can be accurately measured in monetary terms.

Our work must not be connected to politics, religion or any form of orthodoxy.

The Dynasty Foundation's Strategic Priorities

  • Science and Education. We support the best teachers, talented university students and young scientists, and scientific conferences and seminars.
  • Popular Science. We support and develop the best projects for popularizing science through the Internet (Elements), book publishing, festivals, public lectures, and open discussions.
  • Special Projects. We support unique projects that match our values although they have no immediate relationship to our other strategic priorities.

The Dynasty Foundation has also made it a strategic priority to make charitable work more effective in Russia, promote professional standards in this field, and cooperate with the leading Russian and international charitable organizations. Thanks to its success with a number of projects, Dynasty Foundation has become known not only as a source of financial support, but also for its development of effective, scalable models of charitable work.

The Dynasty Foundation sets great store by the procedural transparency of its grant competitions. We ensure this transparency by providing open access to information about each competition and by recruiting respected outside experts to participate in the selection process.

Dynasty's programs make up a unified system that provides generational continuity amongst its grant recipients. Beginning in the classroom (with our support programs for gifted high school students and teachers), the Foundation's programs extend to university students, graduate students, and young scientists with advanced degrees.

Dynasty works actively with such leading Russian research and educational institutions as the International Center for Fundamental Physics, Moscow (which acts as the Foundation's academic council), the Center for Continuing Mathematical Education, the Institute for Transition Economics, the Moscow Physical Technical Institute, the New Economic School, and the European University at Saint Petersburg.

The Foundation does not limit its work to Moscow. We are developing our programs even more actively in Russia's regions.

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The Dmitry Zimin Dynasty Foundation was included in the Register of ‘Nonprofit Organizations Performing the Functions of a Foreign Agent’ by the Russian Ministry of Justice on 25 May 2015.