Tenth-jubilee conference “Young Scientists of Russia”

The tenth-jubilee conference “Young Scientists of Russia” was held 13 April 2012 in Moscow.
Ninety-two winners of the 2011 Young Physicist competitions—students, graduate students, scientists with only an undergraduate degree, candidates and doctors of science—participated in the conference.

According to tradition, laureates of the Dynasty Foundation Support Program for Doctors of Science gave morning lectures:

  • Aleksey Sharapov, Tomsk State University
    “Quantum theory with no Hamiltonian and no Lagrangian” (in Russian)
  • Yuri Kovalev, Astro Space Center, Lebedev Physical Institute, RAS, Moscow
    “RadioAstron: Space observatory in modern Russia” (in Russian)
  • Aleksey Kudinov, Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, RAS, Saint Petersburg
    “Spintronics and spin physics” (in Russian)
  • Vasiliy Strelkov, Institute of General Physics, RAS, Moscow
    “Generation of attosecond electromagnetic pulses in the interaction of superintensive laser radiation with matter” (in Russian).
Tenth-jubilee conference “Young Scientists of Russia”

An ordinary person may regard the notions “fundamental physics” and “dream” as opposites. But namely dreams led the greatest scientists to  discoveries that others did not try to reach and to revolutions in science that many did not dare to think about.
That is why the promising young scientists were asked to dream at the Dynasty Foundation jubilee conference.

After the lectures of older colleagues, young scientists and students played the game “Dreams come true” in which they had an opportunity to turn a dream into a goal and make it come true.
And the most courageous could try and realize their dream “here and now” (from a wish to quit smoking and get a dog to a trip to Italy and receiving a Nobel Prize). Most important is that during this game each felt that “everything is in my own hands!”

Tenth-jubilee conference “Young Scientists of Russia”

Diplomas were presented in a ceremony at the end of the conference.

The Dmitry Zimin Dynasty Foundation thanks all the participants!

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