The summer school “Fundamental interactions” will be held in August in Protvino

The science school “Observational and Theoretical Cosmology”, 2011, Nizhny Arkhyz The science school “Observational and Theoretical Cosmology”, 2011, Nizhny Arkhyz

The program of the Dynasty Foundation summer school is intended for upper-class university students, graduate students, and young scientists.
V. A. Novikov (Alikhanov Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physic), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and member of the Academic Council at the International Center for Fundamental Physics in Moscow, will head the school.

Seven lecture courses in three fields are being planned:


  • 1. “Thermodynamics and kinetics of elementary particles in cosmology”
    A. D. Dolgov [ITEP (Moscow), Ferrara Univ.(Italy)]

Standard Model

  • 2. “The Standard Model of electroweak interactions”
    M. I. Vysotski (ITEP, Moscow)
  • 3. “Beyond the Standard Model: Is there a place for SUSY?”
    D. I. Kazakov (ITEP, JINR)
  • 4. “Neutrino Physics”
    A. Yu. Smirnov [INR (Moscow), SISSA/ISAS (Trieste, Italy)]
  • 5. “Physics at the LHC: The beginning of a long journey”
    E. E. Boos (SINP MSU, Moscow)

Modern Quantum Field Theory

  • 6. “Nonperturbative dynamics in supersymmetric gauge theories and integrable systems”
    N. A. Nekrasov (ITEP, Moscow), IHES (Bures sur Yvette, France)
  • 7. “Holographic methods in quantum field theory”
    A. S. Gorski (ITEP, Moscow).

The expected number of participants is 50 people.
The Dynasty Foundation will cover their travel and accommodation expenses.

Selection of participants is conducted on a competitive basis.
Applications are accepted through 27 June 2012.
In electronic form to summerschool@dynastyfdn.ru.

The list of participants selected on a competitive basis (in Russian)

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