The competition for organizing instructional courses at Russian colleges is announced

The competition is conducted by the Dynasty Foundation with financial support from the Yandex Company founders and support from the Modern Natural Science Foundation.
Applications are being accepted through 31 March 2013.

The goal of the competition is to increase the quality of teaching computer sciences, mathematics, and physics at Russian colleges and broaden scientific perspective and professional contacts for senior undergraduates, graduate students, and young teachers.

Competition terms

1. Russian colleges (specialized faculties) preparing specialists (bachelors), masters, and candidates of science in computer sciences, mathematics, and physics and inviting a visiting professor—a famous scientist or teacher—are eligible to participate.

2. The projects are to be carried out from 1 September 2013 through 30 June 2014.

3. The time frame of a given project is from one module to two semesters.

4. The most important aspects of the competition projects:

  • Relevance and importance of the cocurricular and extracurricular courses
  • Project justification and methodological elaboration of a project
  • Level of the applying organization's academic teaching personnel
  • Scientific level and teaching experience of the visiting professor
  • Diagnosability of the final result

5. The competition closes at the final meeting of the Expert Board when no more than 15 best projects are selected. Grant amounts for the visiting professors are determined individually and include paying for the grant receiver's activity in the amount of 70,000 rubles a month and transportation expenses (if necessary). Accommodation expenses are not covered by the grant.

Order and timing

  • Competition participants must submit the set of documents in accordance with the abovementioned list by 31 March 2013.
  • The winner list will be posted on the Dynasty Foundation website by 21 May 2013.
  • Winners (college administrations) will be notified by 30 May 2013.

More about the competition terms

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