The conference “Young Scientists of Russia – 2013” was held in Moscow

Approximately 90 winners of the 2012 young physicist competition—students, graduate students, scientists with only an undergraduate degree, and Candidates and Doctors of Science—participated.

15 April

Participants in the conference listened to the following lectures:
(lecture presentations will be added later)

  • “Coulomb blockade and mesoscopic Stoner instability in quantum dots” (.pdf, 839 Kb)
    Igor Sergeevich Burmistrov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
    Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics (RAS), Chernogolovka
  • “Magnetic and electronic properties of two-dimensional itinerant systems”
    Andrey Aleksandrovich Katanin, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
    Institute of Metal Physics (UrB RAS), Ekaterinburg
  • “Life of galaxies: Collisions and interaction”
    Aleksey Valeryevich Moiseev, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
    Special Astrophysical Observatory (RAS), Nizhny Arkhyz
Conference "Young Scientists of Russia– 2013"
  • “Mechanisms of scale invariance in the standard model and gravity”
    Andrey Borisovich Arbuzov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
    Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna
  • “The spin-polaron concept in the theory of high-temperature superconductivity”
    Dmitry Mikhailovich Dzebisashvili, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
    Kirensky Institute of Physics (SB RAS), Krasnoyarsk
  • “Noise-induced transitions in nonlinear systems”
    Andrey Leonidovich Pankratov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
    Institute for Physics of Microstructures (RAS), Nizhny Novgorod

A poster session was held later that evening.
The participants presented their projects and scientific interests.

Conference "Young Scientists of Russia– 2013". Valery Anatolyevich Rubakov, Academician of the RAS

16 April

The lectures were delivered by

  • Valery Anatolyevich Rubakov
    Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Academician of the RAS, Professor; Academic Council of the Dynasty Foundation, Chair
    “Higgs boson discovery at the Large Hadron Collider”
  • Oleg Vasilyevich Verkhodanov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
    Special Astrophysical Observatory (RAS), Nizhny Arkhyz
    “How to measure cosmological parameters most accurately”
Conference "Young Scientists of Russia– 2013"

An ironic conference devoted to relevant questions of modern science in everyday life was then held. It included humorous reports from the research groups.

Because “end of the world” questions are actively discussed in the media and are worrisome to Russian society, the organizers proposed to young physicists to consider the main themes in the form of a small humorous conference.

The participants were divided into six teams. Seven topics attracting attention of the media and film industry were offered to the participants.

  • Large meteorite falling
  • Super volcano eruption
  • The sun turning into a nova or unleashing a super gigantic solar flare in the direction of the Earth
  • Decompactification of hidden dimensions and vacuum disruption
  • Turning off the universal computer by the Creator
  • Physicists, not being paid their salary, cancel the basic laws of physics
  • Darth Vader using the death star

The teams were required to demonstrate the scientific invalidity of the considered events and humorously portray the chosen “best end of the world.”

All the teams chose their own topics:

  • Do not think of instances condescendingly
  • Multiple universes
  • Weapons of mass destruction based on liquid vacuum
  • The Earth multiplying by division
  • Laws of the Universe changing
  • End of the world recipe

The young scientists showed a sense of humor, resourcefulness, and skills in using methods of modern physics. Their reports were accompanied by presentations and skits created in one evening.
All the participants and authors of the most interesting questions (from the point of view of the jury that consisted of Doctors of Science) were awarded fun prizes.
The conference demonstrated that talented physicists can solve the pressing problems of existence with humor and common sense.

The two-day conference “Young scientists of Russia” closed with diploma awards and a banquet.

We thank all the participants! Good luck!

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