The international school “X-ray Astronomy and Particle Astrophysics” is over

Mark Dieckmann, Linköpings University, Sweden Mark Dieckmann, Linköpings University, Sweden

The summer science school of modern astrophysics was held 15–26 July in Zelenogorsk near Saint Petersburg.

Forty young scientists from Russia, Armenia, Vietnam, Italy, Finland, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan participated in the school. They were all selected by the organizing committee on a competitive basis.

The Dynasty Foundation, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and the RAS Scientific Council on Astronomy organized the school.

English was the working language of the school.

The science organizing committee of the school

A. V. Gurevich (Chair), D. A. Varshalovich, V. V. Zheleznyakov, L. M. Zelenyi, N. S. Kardashev, A. M. Cherepashchuk, V. S. Beskin, V. A. Dogel, V. N. Lukash, V. V. Kocharovsky, D. I. Naginer, D. G. Yakovlev

The lectures were given by

The best results of the 2014 summer school were shown by

  • Lev Arzamasskiy
  • Mikhail Garasyov
  • Anna Chashkina
  • Pavel Abolmasov
  • Andrey Semena


Participants say

  • The program was very intense and the lectures were very interesting. I find this school to be quite efficient for me.
    Alexandra Veledina, Finland
  • I really liked the program and the quality of lectures and also professionalism of the lecturers was great. Narrowed topic of the school is really useful.
    Arpine Piloyan, Armenia
  • Science program was undoubtedly good. However, a few courses can be included ... for example “error analysis in astronomy” is extremely important for high energy astronomy, “X-ray astronomy instrumentation”...
    Tanmoy Chattopadhyay, Ahmedabad, India
  • More or less, small courses are not so interesting. 8-10 lectures+seminars in one course is optimal in my opinion.
    Mikhail Garasyov, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
  • The organization of the school is excellent. I am satisfied overall, I would only decrease the number of speakers, without decreasing the number of hours.
    Alessandro Parisi, Italy
  • Although it's not related to my exact scientific field, I do find MHD interesting. I think Valery Nakariakov is a very good lecturer and made this topic interesting for everybody. But all the lectures by all the lecturers were very high quality and they certainly contributed to my scientific development.
    Zsolt Keszthelyi, Budapest, Hungary
  • Pountanen and Revnitsev lectures were the best for me, both in my own topic.
    Can Gungor, Turkey
  • Everybody was excellent! But I would like to single out Mark Dieckmann (Particle-in-cell simulations) and Juri Poutanen (Radiative processes) for the well-structured material and well-thought-out lecture presentations.
    Anton Biryukov, Moscow, Russia
  • There was a lot of intersection between lectures, labs, and tasks. We could “play” modeling after theoretical introduction. It was better for understanding.
    George Khorunzhev, Samara, Russia
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