The Great Mathematical Problems: Marvels and Mysteries of Mathematics by Ian Stewart has been published under the auspices of the Dynasty Foundation

Cover_The Great Mathematical Problems: Marvels and Mysteries of Mathematics by Ian Stewart

This book is a guide into the astounding and mysterious world of numbers, theorems, and hypotheses on the frontiers of mathematics, which is using new methods to try to solve problems that were posed thousands of years ago.

Ian Stewart, The Great Mathematical Problems: Marvels and Mysteries of Mathematics, translated from English by Natalya Lisova, Moscow: Alpina non-fiction, 2015

Laws of primes and Fermat's last theorem, the Poincare conjecture and the spherical symmetry of Kepler, the riddle of “pi” and the orbital chaos in celestial mechanics—many of us only vaguely heard of the mysterious and unfathomable mysteries of modern mathematics.

Despite the seeming incredibility, the fundamental objective of mathematics is to reveal the inner simplicity of the most difficult questions.

Professor Ian Stewart, English mathematician and science popularizer, helps readers overcome psychological barriers.

He writes engrossingly and accessibly about the most difficult problems that baffled and continue to baffle the greatest minds, about the origins of these problems, why they are so important, and what place they occupy in the general context of mathematics and natural sciences.

Ian Nicholas Stewart—Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick, Coventry, Great Britain—is a famous popularizer of mathematics and the author of 80 books and many popular science articles. His scientific interests include catastrophe theory, symmetry, group theory, and bifurcation theory.

About this book and some other books by Stewart:

  • Britain's most brilliant and prolific populariser of mathematics 
    The Guardian

  • As always, [Stewart] explains complicated mathematical ideas brilliantly
    New Scientist

  • Stewart's imaginative, often-witty anecdotes, analogies, and diagrams succeed in illuminating ... some very difficult ideas. It will enchant math enthusiasts as well as general readers who pay close attention
    Kirkus Reviews

  • His wondrous world of worked-out maths and joined-up thinking is radical and even romantic
    The Times

  • He can make equations interesting and the science world singularly fascinating
    New York Journal of Books

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