Winners of the 2015 grant competition for mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology teachers were announced

The results for the twelfth competition for school mathematics and science teachers were determined 25 March 2015.
Modern Natural Science Foundation organized the competition.

The goal of the competition is to support the best teachers of science and mathematics in schools, widen professional contacts among them, and develop their cooperation with institutions of higher education and the scientific community.

Prizes for Achievements in Science Teaching were awarded for the eighth time in the history of the competition. The nominee list was based on an inquiry among the teachers who were winners in previous years. Four teachers whose authority is recognized in the educational community and whose students became famous scientists were named laureates of this prize.

The teacher competition was traditionally held in three categories:

  • Young Teacher
  • Successful Teacher
  • Mentor of Future Scientists

This year, 469 teachers from 67 Russian regions competed in the “Young Teacher” category. In this category, 100 teachers who recently began their teaching careers but have already demonstrated a high level in teaching and methodological competence in working with students in their fields were named winners.

In the “Successful Teacher” category, 40 teachers were named winners by other Dynasty Foundation laureates who received grants this year—young scientists, graduate students, and undergraduates (this year, 2012–2014 winners in the “Young Teacher” category were poled for the first time). The “Successful Teacher” competition gave them an opportunity to name their first teachers who had shown them the way.

The category “Mentor of Future Scientists” had 355 winners. This is a special competition—no need to complete questionnaires and file applications—being a professional and loving one's subject suffices, as winners are determined by their former students, now university students. A wide poll was conducted among first- and second-year undergraduate students in science departments. About 47,000 students from 103 colleges completed questionnaires nominating their best science and mathematics teachers. Over 50,000 teachers were nominated. The teachers who were nominated multiple times became laureates in this competition. They teach in 64 regions of Russia.

All the winners of the competition will receive grants of 38,000 rubles, and the laureates of the “Achievements in Science Teaching” prize will each receive 150,000 rubles.

The awards and diplomas from the Dynasty Foundation will be presented at a teacher conference held at the resort hotel Klyazma in Mytishchi Region of Moscow Oblast 29 June–3 July 2015.
At the conference, well-known Russian scientists and teachers will lecture on relevant problems in modern science, and special events for exchanging instructional materials will be organized.

Complete list of winners of the 2015 grant competition for mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology teachers (in Russian)

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