Popularization of Science

One of the Dynasty Foundation's principal areas of work is the popularization of basic science in Russia. The Foundation pursues three overall goals in this field:

  • to promote an image of science as one of the most attractive forms of human endeavor;
  • to popularize a scientific approach to the world around us;
  • to spread scientific knowledge in contemporary, accessible manner.

Enlightener Prize for Non-Fiction Literature

In 2008, the Dynasty Foundation established a new prize for non-fiction literature, the Enlightener Prize. Its goal is to draw readers to educational non-fiction literature, to encourage authors who work in this genre, and to foster growth in the educational non-fiction market.

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Elements: A Popular Science Website

Developed with the active support of the Dynasty Foundation, the popular science website Elements (Elementy) was named by the journal Expert as the Internet-find of 2005. In its ROTOR++ 2005 and ROTOR 2008 contests, the EzhE International Union of Internet Activists named it the best science education site of the year. In 2007 and in 2010, the site won the Runet Prize, the highest Russian Internet award.

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Dynasty Foundation Popular Science Library

In 2006, the Dynasty Foundation launched its own publishing project—the Dynasty Foundation Popular Science Library. This is a series of books that have garnered critical attention and readerly acclaim for the way they have popularized and advanced knowledge of the natural sciences.

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Public Lectures

Since 2005, the Dynasty Foundation and the International Center for Fundamental Physics (Moscow) have organized a series of public lectures on physics, mathematics and biology. These are unique events: world-famous scientists who are doing the hands-on physics of today bring their work to the general public.

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Science Days Popular Science Festivals

The Science Days popular science festivals are the Foundation's first large-scale project in Russia's regions. Now people in different Russian cities have the chance to hear lectures by world-class specialists, scientists, and popular science writers.

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Competition for conducting Popular Science Festivals in Russian regions

Beginning 2013, the Dynasty Foundation is holding a competition for supporting Popular Science Festivals in regions.

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Science Cafes

The Dynasty Foundation and the InformNauka Agency organize these meetings and discussions attended by science reporters, scientists, and experts.

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Science Museums of the 21st Century Competition

This project was completed in 2014

The purpose of this competition is to encourage the development of interactive exhibition formats in Russian science museums. These interactive displays should give museum visitors—especially children and students—the chance to learn about science and the world around them while having fun.

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