Science Cafés

Beginning in 2006, the Dynasty Foundation regularly holds Science Cafés where scientists discuss the most relevant problems of modern science with journalists.

A 'Genes and Nationality' science cafe, Moscow, 2007

Various topics are discussed at the Science Cafés: the energy crisis, nanotechnologies, problems of aging, Mars exploration, genes and nationality, demographics, transgenes, global warming, and others.

On one hand, the Science Café is a unique school of public discussion, so necessary for Russian scientists who are only learning to be public and are acquiring the language of communicating with society.

On the other hand, it is an unusual educational environment that helps science reporters to obtain new information firsthand and to clarify difficult questions with the help of scientists.

The first Science Café—“Can the Brain Be Controlled?”—was held in June 2006 in Moscow. Svyatoslav Medvedev, Corresponding Member of the RAS (Institute of the Human Brain, Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg), Sergey Enikolopov (Mental Health Research Center, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences), Konstantin Anokhin, Corresponding Member of the RAMS (Institute of Normal Physiology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences), Professor Yuri Aleksandrov (Institute of Psychology, Russian Academy of Sciences), Tatyana Chernigovskaya (Saint Petersburg State University), and other investigators of the brain participated in the discussion.
Participants in the Café attempted to answer the questions: How much has the human brain been investigated at present? What limits studying it? Is there a natural limit to knowledge of the brain. The discussion of the psychological health of the Russian population and actions on the brain for healing psychiatric diseases evoked general interest.

The Foundation annually organizes four to five meetings of journalists with scientists in the Science Café format.

During the time that the Science Café has been active, a distinctive kind of club has formed bringing together about 60 journalists from quite different Moscow periodicals. It includes both eminent journalists such as Viola Egikova, head of the Russian Association of Science Journalists, and beginners.

The permanent moderators of the Science Cafés are the chief editor of the journal Chemistry and Life Lyubov Strelnikova and the journalist Sergey Katasonov.

The Science Cafés are held both in Moscow and Russia's regions, where they take place as part of our Science Days festivals.

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