Competition for conducting Popular Science Festivals in Russian regions

Beginning 2013, the Dynasty Foundation is holding a competition for supporting Popular Science Festivals in Russian regions.

The goal of the competition is to popularize scientific knowledge in Russian regions and awaken and develop interest in science for school children, college students, and young people.

Scientific organizations, organizations for higher professional education, organizations for general secondary education, nonprofit organizations working in the area of science, education, or culture or facilitating the abovementioned activities can participate in the competition.

Competition terms

  • Applications on behalf of the organizing committees are accepted for the competition.
  • Festivals must be organized on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Festivals must be oriented for school students, students of secondary and higher-learning organizations, graduate students, and teacher community and must include events directed at developing young people's interest in science.
  • The festival's lecturers and instructors must include scientists popularizing science in the area of natural and exact sciences and prominent teachers working in Russia and other countries.
  • Not less than 50% of the lecturers and instructors must do their main work outside the region where the festival is held.
  • The events of the festival should be oriented for a wide audience and be free for attendance by an unlimited circle of people. If a festival's event is oriented for a targeted audience or a limited number of participants, then the applicant must substantiate such limitations and present a procedure for selecting participants for the event.
  • The preparation for the festival must include information dissemination about its events among targeted audiences and the organizers' close collaboration with mass media, educational regulatory agencies and governmental authorities, as well as with colleges, schools, libraries, and other nonprofit organizations.
  • Themes of lectures and practical lessons conducted during the festival must be modern and relevant.
  • Organizers should have experience in conducting similar events.
  • Conducting the festival must include cofinancing from the private funds of the competition participant or funds of other persons (nonmonetary financing is also allowed—by providing material base, equipment, and other necessary resources).

Festival timing of the third competition

From 1 January to 31 December 2015

Documents presented for the competition

  • 1. Application on behalf of the organizing committee in Russian
  • 2. Information about popular science events organized and conducted by the applicant (if such were held previously) in doc or pdf formats
  • 3. Letter of support from the regional educational regulatory agencies, educational organizations, or other partner organizations including mass media in pdf format
  • 4. Plan for working with mass media or other informational resources, regional and local educational regulatory agencies, and other interested regional and local governmental authorities, as well as colleges, schools, libraries, and other nonprofit organizations; the plan must also include details in doc or pdf format about methods of information dissemination about festival events among targeted audiences with the purpose of spreading this information as widely as possible

All the documents are submitted electronically.

The application with attachments must be sent to sciencedays@dynastyfdn.ru.

All the applicants will receive confirmation about the application acceptance.

How will selection occur?

The selection will be done at a physical meeting of the representatives of the Expert Board of the competition.

For selection criteria, see the Competition regulation (in Russian).

Expert board

The expert board is formed by the Dynasty Foundation and consists of the foundation's representatives and representatives of the scientific and teaching community who have experience in organizing and conducting popular science events.

Determining competition results

Winners will receive financial support for conducting the festival from the Dynasty Foundation.

The maximum amount to the winners is 1,000,000 rubles. The financial support is done on condition of cofinancing.

The results will be announced by 20 November 2014.

Application deadline

Applications for the third competition are accepted through 15 October 2014.

Competition regulation (in Russian)
Application form with attachments (in Russian)
Terms of granting financial support (in Russian)

Information about the competition

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