Support for Biologists' Participation
in Short-Term Thematic Courses

In a program started in 2012, the Dynasty Foundation supports Russian biologists who won the competition to participate in practical courses organized by the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and European Molecular Biology Organization.

Dynasty plans to support 10 more scientists in 2015.

Program websites:

Financing conditions 2015

confirmation of admittance from the organization conducting a course

Grant amount

will not exceed 200,000 rubles.

Application deadline

The application deadline is 15 December 2015.
The course must begin no later than 31 December 2015.

The documents are submitted in electronic form to mkolesnikova@dynastyfdn.com

For further information contact Maria Kolesnikova
+7 (495) 969-28-83. or

The goal of the practical courses of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the European Molecular Biology Organization is to help specialists quickly acquire competence in the most relevant problems and techniques of modern biology that will help them advance significantly in solving scientific problems.

The courses are designed for graduate and postdoctoral students, as well as for mature scientists including professors and laboratory heads.

The courses are based on total immersion experience (10 to 12 hours per day during two weeks). Each day includes practical work with modern equipment and acquiring expertise on various topics, as well as lectures of the visiting experts (prominent scientists, equipment developers, and other experts).

During fifty years of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory courses, many outstanding scientists participated in them both as students and teachers, some of whom later became Nobel laureates.

The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory courses include a wide range of modern biology topics from molecular genetics to embryology and computer modeling.

The courses are very popular, and the number of places is restricted (usually a group is composed of 16 to 20 students). That is why participants must undergo a rigorous selection performed by the course instructors—prominent scientists in the field.
Instructors primarily consider the scientific level of an applicant and how convincingly an applicant can explain why the courses can significantly advance him in solving both short-term and long-term scientific problems.  
Specialists of various scientific fields, countries, and age attend the courses.

The majority of participants pay for the courses, as well as for transportation (these payments are usually covered by laboratory grants). 
An exception is made only for the most outstanding and needy applicants: the number of grants is limited (one or two per course).
The cost (varying from $2000 to $4000 depending on the course) includes accommodation, board, tuition, and printed materials.

Most participants consider these courses one of the most important stages in their professional development. 
In addition to expertise, the participants acquire necessary contacts in scientific circles and become acquainted with leading scientists. These scientific connections help them develop and accomplish new projects during their whole career.
All laboratory participants have a possibility to conduct a seminar in their projects, which allows them to receive valuable recommendations necessary for completing the work.

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