Research Laboratory on the Molecular Mechanisms of Aging

This project was completed in 2015

Professor Evgeny Nudler Professor Evgeny Nudler

Because one of its goals is to make it possible for internationally recognized Russian scientists to conduct research in Russia, the Foundation provided funds for the creation of a research laboratory in Moscow headed by Professor Yevgeny Nudler.

Yevgeny Nudler left Russia more than fifteen years ago as a graduate student in the biology department of Moscow State University. When he returned he was a professor at New York University, the director of his own research lab, and the author of more than thirty publications on molecular biology in such preeminent international scientific journals as Nature and Science.

Nudler's Geron Lab, which was formed in 2005, studies the molecular mechanisms of the aging process—a subject that has received little attention from the international scientific community. Professor Nudler hopes that the Geron Lab will be able in the future to create fundamentally new medicines to slow the aging process and treat such attendant diseases as arteriosclerosis.

The lab's research focuses on three areas:

  • the effects of the nitric oxide molecule on longevity (using the physiology of nematodes to test these effects);
  • the effect on aging produced by nitric oxide and nitric oxide donors;
  • studying the molecular mechanism of the negative effect that free radicals have on living tissue.

The lab doesn't only provide us with scientific benefits. It also solves social problems by creating jobs for biologists and thus enabling young and established scientists to continue their work in Russia.

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