Support Program for Physicists—Students, Graduate Students, and Young Scientists

The focus of the Foundation's programs is fundamental physics.

After winning places in the Foundation's programs, dozens of young scientists have the opportunity to continue their research and training at home in Russia.

The Dynasty Foundation maintains four programs to support students, graduate students, and young scientists working in theoretical physics.

Winners of the competition
  • Stipend Program. Upper-year university students compete for yearlong stipends of 5,400 rubles,
  • Support Program for Graduate Students and Young Scientists with an Undergraduate Degree. Competition winners receive grants that provide them with 10,800 rubles a month over a one- to three-year period,
  • Support Program for Young Scientists with a Candidate (Ph.D.) Degree. This program finances ten new positions for young scientists. Competition winners receive grants of approximately 19,500 rubles over a one- to three-year period. These positions are the equivalent of postdoctoral fellowships in the west,
  • Support Program for Young Scientists with (Russian) Doctoral Degrees. This program funds six new positions. Competition winners receive monthly grants of approximately 26,000 rubles a month.
One of the Dynasty\&\#39\;s laureates

These grant competitions are conducted annually.

In 2015, 51 students, 36 graduate students and scientists with only an undergraduate degree, 12 candidates and 6 doctors of science from various colleges and scientific centers around the country (Moscow and Novosibirsk, Tomsk and Ekaterinburg, Saint Petersburg and Vladivostok, Nizhny Novgorod, Irkutsk, and others) received support from the Foundation for continuing education and scientific research.

The Dynasty Foundation's student grant recipients usually continue their scientific research careers after graduation. In 2008, one third of the winners in the competition for graduate students and young scientists were former student scholarship recipients of the Dynasty Foundation. Half of the grant-winning candidates of science previously received scholarships and grants from the Foundation as undergraduate and graduate students. Also, two out of the six doctors who received grants in 2008 were repeat winners of the Dynasty Foundation.

One more positive outcome of our program is that it has encouraged three physicists to come back to Russia from Europe and the US to continue their scientific careers at home.

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