Competition for Supporting Seasonal Scientific Schools in Biology, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry

The competition is held with the purpose of supporting seasonal scientific schools in biology, mathematics, physics, and chemistry and broadening scientific and professional contacts for students, graduate students, and scientists specializing in different areas of biology, mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

2015 Competition terms

  • Organizers of seasonal schools—scientific and/or higher professional education organizations conducting scientific activity in different areas of biology, mathematics, physics, and chemistry—may participate in the competition.
  • Applications from organizing committees for supporting the organization and conduct of seasonal scientific schools in biology, mathematics, physics, and chemistry are accepted for the competition.
  • Seasonal schools can be conducted in the areas of biology, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Conducting interdisciplinary natural science seasonal schools is also allowed.
  • Young scientists below the age of 35 as of the beginning of the seasonal school are eligible to participate.
  • Seasonal schools must be organized with open and publicly disclosed participant selection and advance notification to the scientific community at large about the seasonal school.
  • Seasonal schools must have a high scientific level.
  • Seasonal schools must be organized on the territory of Russia and the CIS countries and ensure broad representation from Russian and/or foreign scientific schools (both among participants and lecturers).
  • Seasonal school themes must be relevant and up-to-date.
  • Organizers/coorganizers must have experience in conducting similar schools.
  • Conducting seasonal schools must involve cofinancing from the competition participants' own funds or funds of other persons (cofinancing in kind is also allowed through the provision of facilities, equipment, and other necessary resources).

Seasonal schools that received support in the framework of other Dynasty Foundation projects cannot participate in this competition.

Seasonal schools will be held from 1 May 2015 to 30 April 2016.

How will the selection occur?

The selection will include two levels of expert evaluation.

The first evaluation will be performed by the expert boards in each science area. Evaluation of applications for interdisciplinary seasonal schools will be performed by the expert boards in the science areas concerning the themes of the interdisciplinary schools.

The final evaluation will be performed at the meeting of the expert board representatives.

Expert boards

  • For applications in the area of physics: Academic Council of the International Center for Fundamental Physics in Moscow
  • For applications in the area of mathematics: Expert Council formed by the Independent Moscow University for conducting mathematics conference competition of the Dynasty Foundation.
  • For applications in the area of biology: coordinators of the young biologist competition (molecular and cellular biology) of the Dynasty Foundation
  • For applications in the area of chemistry: Coordination Expert Board for Chemistry formed by the Dynasty Foundation

Determining competition results

Based on the competition results, no more than 60 applications will be selected.

The maximum sum allocated by the Dynasty Foundation is 1,000,000 rubles. The financial support is contingent on cofinancing.

The Dynasty Foundation will announce the results of the competition by 10 April 2015.

Terms of financial support
Guidelines for Competition

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