Support Program for Math and Science Teachers

The work of the Foundation is aimed at involving schoolchildren and young people in science and is primarily related to supporting the most talented teachers throughout the country.

Winners of the Competition

The goals of the support program for mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology teachers are to increase the prestige of the teaching profession, to create conditions for creative pedagogical activity for the best school teachers, and to widen their contacts with universities, institutes, and the scientific community.

This program helps preserve the best traditions of Russian education and also encourages a new pedagogical outlook responding to needs of an information society.

The basis of the program is the annual Russia-wide grant competition. The Dynasty Foundation launched this competition in 2004. The Modern Natural Science Foundation is Dynasty Foundation's partner in organizing the competition.

Each of the 490 grant winners receives a Dynasty Foundation diploma and an individual grant of 38,000 rubles.

During its existence, the number of grant winners has increased tenfold.

The competition includes three categories:

  • Young Teacher
    This category is open to young mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology teachers who have recently begun their work in schools but have already demonstrated a high degree of efficacy in teaching their subjects and methodological skill in their work with schoolchildren.
  • Successful Teacher
    This category is open to teachers whose former students have achieved notable success in the areas of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • Mentor of Future Scientists
    This category is open to mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology teachers a significant number of whose former students have continued studying these subjects at the country's leading institutions of higher learning.
Awarding the winner

The procedures for selecting grant winners differ for each nomination.

The best Young Teachers are selected by a board of experts on the basis of a work submitted to the competition. The call for the competition goes out annually in September.
Dmitry Gushchin, mathematics teacher, Emperor Alexander II Gymnasium, Peterhof, a winner in the Young Teacher category in 2006, was named the Best Teacher of Russia in 2007.

Laureates in the Successful Teacher category are selected by their former students—young scientists, graduate students, and university students who have won grants from the Dynasty Foundation.

To select nominees for the Mentor of Future Scientists category, the organizers of the competition poll students. In 2015, 47,000 students in 103 universities of Russia were polled to determine the best mentors.

In 2013, the Young Teacher prize was awarded to 95 physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology teachers from different Russian regions received the award.

Thirty-five teachers whose former students have achieved notable success in the area of physics, mathematics, chemistry or biology won in the Successful Teacher category.

Also, 362 physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology teachers a significant number of whose former students have continued physics, mathematics, chemistry or biology education at the country's leading institutions of higher learning became winners in the Mentor of Future Scientists category. They teach in 69 regions of Russia; more than 50% of them work in villages and small towns.

Thirty-eight teachers won the award of the competition for the fourth time.

In 2008, the Foundation established a prize for Achievements in Science Teaching. Three teachers whose authority is recognized by the educational community and whose students' scholarly success is known both here at home and abroad became the first winners:

  • Alexander Zilberman, “Second School” Lyceum, Moscow (physics);
  • Yuri Slutsky, Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 239, Saint Petersburg (physics);
  • Roman Khazankin, Beloretsk Computer School, Beloretsk (mathematics).

In 2009, the winners were:

  • Viktor Terekhov, Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 239, Saint Petersburg (physics);
  • Valentina Vasilieva, Gymnasium No. 10, Angarsk (mathematics);
  • Boris Geidman, Gymnasium No. 1543, Moscow (mathematics).

In 2010, the winners of the prize for Achievements in Science Teaching were:

  • Evdokiya L'vovna Girovich, School No. 444, Moscow (chemistry),
  • Rafail Kalmanovich Gordin, Lyceum “Fifty-seventh School”, Moscow (mathematics),
  • Valentina Fyodorovna Zavada, Lyceum No. 15, Sarov (physics), and
  • Larisa Pavlovna Smirnova, AESC MSU, Moscow (biology).

In 2011, the winners were:

In 2012, the winners were:

  • Glagolev Sergey Mendelevich, Gymnasium No. 1543, Moscow (biology)
  • Kartsova Anna Alekseevna, Academic Gymnasium of Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg (chemistry)
  • Konstantinov Nikolay Nikolaevich, School No. 179, Moscow (mathematics)
  • Shokin Boris Pavlovich, Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 17, Severodvinsk (physics).

In 2013, the winners were:

  • Tatyana Yuryevna Vishnevskaya, Lyceum No. 1514, Moscow (biology)
  • Vladimir Berovich Volovik, Lyceum “Physical-Technical High School” (PTHS), Saint Petersburg (chemistry)
  • Leonid Isaakovich Zvavich, Gymnasium No. 1567, Moscow (mathematics)
  • Viktor Gennadyevich Kryshtop, Classic Lyceum No. 1, Rostov-on-Don (physics)

In 2014, the winners were:

  • Aleksandr Davidovich Blinkov, Moscow, School No. 218 (mathematics)
  • Sergey Dmitrievich Varlamov, Moscow, Specialized Educational Scientific Center–Kolmogorov School, Moscow State University (physics)
  • Sergey Anatolyevich Moskvin, Ekaterinburg, Gymnasium No. 9 (chemistry)
  • Anatoliy Valentinovich Pimenov, Saratov, Physics and Technology Lyceum No. 1 (biology)

In 2015, the winners were:

  • Andreeva Anna Nikolaevna, Moscow, Education Center «Technologia obrazovania» and School No. 91 (mathematics)
  • Kozyreva Nadezhda Anatolyevna, Saratov, Saratov Institute of Training and Retraining of Education Workers (physics)
  • Korkina Raisa Andreevna, Barnaul, Gymnasium No. 22 (chemistry)
  • Maksimova Tatyana Vladimirovna, Tula, Chemistry Lyceum (biology).
A medal and a diploma of the winner

The award ceremony is traditionally held during the annual winners' conference.

In the framework of the conference, outstanding pedagogues and scientists, grant winners of the Dynasty Foundation, give lectures. The program includes methodological and popular science lectures, reports, and interactive presentations of the winning teachers, which were selected by experts on a competitive basis. Participants of the conference take a special interest in working in small groups by the “Open Space” method.

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