Training Program for Scientists of the Next Generation

This project was completed in 2012

  • to recruit the most talented, well-prepared high school and university students to careers in science;
  • to build a professional training system that will help staff Russian scientific institutions in the future;
  • to bridge the gap between educational and scientific research centers;
  • to create continuity among schools, universities, and research centers in working with gifted children and university students.

With support from the Dynasty Foundation, Future Scientist Preparation Program has been developed and is run by the Foundation for Fundamental Physics Support.

The program works with high school and university students. At a certain stage in the program all these students are involved in real scientific research.

The full term of study is seven or eight years:

  • High school students study for one or two years (in the 10th and 11th grades);
  • University students study for up to six years (from the first to the sixth year of university).

In order to find high school students who show an inclination for theoretical work and to prepare them for the university portion of the program, we have created a base of support centers at specialized schools known for their achievements in math and physics education—such schools as the “Second School” Lyceum, the 57 School, the 2007 School, and the All-Russia Mathematics Correspondence School.

Popular science lectures are conducted monthly for upper-year high school students and math and physics teachers. The first lecture at the Lebedev Physics Institute—"The Discovery of the Vavilov-Cherenkov Effect and Its Elucidation"—was read by Professor B. M. Bolotovsky, who is well known for his popular books on complex problems of physics and the history of science.

The first Summer school in Dubna in 2007

In late June 2007, thirty-nine students from the leading math and physics schools in Moscow (“Second School” Lyceum, the 57 School, the 2007 School, School No. 192) and the physics and math schools of Dubna and Dmitrov participated in the first Contemporary Science School in Dubna.

Scholars from the Lebedev Institute, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, the Sternberg Astronomical Institute, and the Alikhanov Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics acquainted the students with problems of math and physics as well as the work of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Two Olympiads and a “physics battle” were organized for the students. The students were also able to learn a lot in the classes in physics and math led by Alexander Zilberman, S. D. Varlamov (a teacher at the “Second School” Lyceum), research fellows from all four participating research institutes, as well as students from physics and applied mathematics departments of Moscow State University and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

The summer school was given high marks by students, scientists, and school teachers. The selection process for the high school portion of the program also took place in Dubna.

Work with university students takes place in two groups in each year of the university curriculum and has three broad goals:

  • increasing a sound knowledge of physics and mathematics;
  • developing the tools of scientific research;
  • developing the personal qualities necessary for a successful professional scientific career.

Future Scientist Preparation Program is designed to help young people with a serious interest in science, particularly in theoretical physics. It assists them in choosing an academic adviser and launching their scientific careers earlier than their peers.

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