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Dmitry Zimin, Our Founder

The Dynasty Foundation is the first private nonprofit foundation supporting science and education in modern Russia. Dynasty was founded by Dmitry Zimin, president emeritus of Vimpelcom, Inc. (whose Beeline mobile network is one of the largest in Russia).

Dmitri Zimin

We cannot compete right now with the west in terms of innovation or with China in terms of mass production. That is why I think that the breakthrough for our country might come out of the sciences, especially basic science, which requires that we cultivate the intellect, not natural resources, and which will enable us to take the lead in technological innovation.

This is why the Dynasty Foundation primarily invests in science and education.

–Dmitry Zimin, Dynasty Founder

Dmitry Zimin has started from scratch more than once in his life. He has had successful careers both as a scientist and as a businessman. He brought his doctoral degree in technical sciences and his vast experience as an engineer with him when he founded the now-famous Beeline network. Although he was no longer a young man when he did this, he achieved success—he took his company to the New York Stock Exchange. Then he retired and established the Dynasty Foundation.

Zimin values professionalism—in science, in business, and in charitable work—above all else. In interviews, he has time and again stated that what powers the economy as well as other areas of life is the creation of a legal and moral climate in which fair competition based on human talent is possible.

Dmitry Zimin's book From 2 to 72. An Illustrated Biography.

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The Dmitry Zimin Dynasty Foundation was included in the Register of ‘Nonprofit Organizations Performing the Functions of a Foreign Agent’ by the Russian Ministry of Justice on 25 May 2015.